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This site is for those who cleverly realise that cooking with chocolate brings chocolate into meal times - fiendish eh!

It's for those who know that chocolate is just about the planet's favourite ingredient. From children to elders, from gourmets to gourmands. Yes, even you and definitely me!

No other flavour has the richness, smoothness and depth of mysterious chocolate. Over three thousand years of human indulgence, a habit that no one in their right mind would want to stop.

For home baked cookies to nouvelle cuisine desserts. Chocolate is the favourite ingredient - for children's teas or for a sumptuous and sophisticated dinner party.

Chocolate excels at any kind of gathering.

Now all you need are the best chocolate recipes. That's why best chocolate recipes online is for you. The recipes on this site help you, the cook (or chef), to come out smelling chocolaty...I mean of roses.

The recipes include moist rich chocolate cake recipes, light fluffy sophistcates such as mousse; from romantic fondue recipes to good home baking classics.

Recipes that are classic because they are just so classy. Recipes that are easy. Recipes that are quick. Recipes that do not even need cooking! Chocolate recipes for kids to make and enjoy, and recipes that have grown up and left home.

All kinds of recipes for all kinds of events. Weddings, birthdays, mums and toddlers groups, valentines, mother's day, father's day, thank you day.

But if you are already impatient to start finding your recipe and start cooking, and again, who in their right mind isn't, then look to the navigation bar on the left and scroll down to find the kind of recipe you are looking for.

These then link to further variations of recipes. For recipes that you weren't looking for, but once you've tried, you, your family and friends will be really glad that you did.

But if are not needing to rush off just now, stay with me a bit longer. There's alot more to chocolate than you may have thought, between mouthfuls, (don't think with your mouth full, sink into the experience, enjoy).

Make your self a hot chocolate, and read about the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, how cacao pods are grown and harvested, chocolate facts, fascinating tips. Even how healthy chocolate is for you.

We knew it, we eat chocolate for medicinal reasons really!

Plan future menus. Download free recipes. Join the RSS list for chocolate recipe updates, then you can be completely up to date with special recipes for up and coming events and occasions.

And you can email with chocolate recipes to die for that you have come across. Why not share a recipe tip that WOWed you? Things that you know will enrich the life of chocolate lovers everywhere.

Because chocolate lovers should stick together, preferably with chocolate ganache.

After all, chocolate is not just for between meals!


Needing to convert any weights and measures for making the recipes on this site? Go to a weights and measures conversion site.


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chocoholics chocolate heaven
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