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Chocolate cakes - the basics for chocolate recipes.

Classic chocolate cake. Uses only cocoa powder. This recipe is also an ideal recipe for fairy cakes and hot puddings.

Simple chocolate cake. Uses only plain chocolate. Do use good quality chocolate.

Tea-time chocolate cake. Uses both dry cocoa powder and plain chocolate.

A simple recipe for chocolate cupcakes.

Easy chocolate cake recipe for fairy cakes.


Chocolate layer cakes

Chocolate cakes - a rich layer cake.

Fudge Cake recipe. Another lovely layer chocolate cake recipe variation is this chocolate fudge cake. This is a gooey, triple layered chocolate cake.


German chocolate cake and sachertorte recipe


Mississippi mud pie recipe.

Rich chocolate Mississippi mud pie recipe with shortcrust pastry.

Mississippi mud pie recipe with a crushed biscuit base.

Rich dark Mississippi mud cake recipe.

White chocolate mud pie cake recipe with white chocolate ganache and walnuts.


Tea party cakes - an afternoon treat.

Chocolate Battenburg

Mini chocolate butterscotch tarts

Rich chocolate and nut fruit tea-loaf


Low fat dessert chocolate recipes

Low fat chocolate ricotta cheesecake tart. This low fat dessert recipe for cheesecake uses ricotta - a good protein provider for easy low fat dessert chocolate recipes that everyone will love.

Low fat chocolate fudge cake.

Rich low-fat dessert recipe for chocolate meringue cake.


Icing recipes - fudge icing recipe page

Extra rich and creamy icing.

Fudge icing. A rich chocolaty fudge topping for large cakes and loaf cakes.

Light and fluffy butter icing. This is not too rich so it is ideal for children's cakes for a birthday party or a teatime treat.

Chocolate ganache recipe. This is the smoothest and least sweet chocolate icing to use.

Sour cream filling and icing. This makes a rich and velvety smooth icing that will fill and ice one sponge cake.

Chocolate nut butter. This is lovely with hot pancakes and waffles, or even just on toast.

Almond praline recipe.


Frosting recipes

Easy chocolate recipes for cake frosting recipe.

Chocolate buttercream frosting recipe. This is enough to fill a 20-23cm round layer cake.

White chocolate frosting recipe. This is enough to cover a 20cm round cake. This white chocolate frosting recipe is a rich easy frosting recipe.

Satin chocolate icing recipe. This makes a total of 225g of icing.

Another useful chocolate glaze recipe uses chocolate and golden syrup. Enough for a 20-23cm round cake.

Chocolate fondant icing. This recipe is enough to cover and decorate one 23cm round cake.


Cake decorating

Small chocolate curls. It is a quick way of livening up your cakes.

Large chocolate curls and chocolate caraque.

Chocolate Leaves. 225g of chocolate is enough to make 45-50 leaves - depending on the size of the leaf.

Piped chocolate shapes.

Feathering on chocolate cakes. This is a popular and pretty design for cake decorating, and works for any kind of chocolate cake recipe.


Chocolate sauces

Rich dark chocolate sauce.

White chocolate recipe. The quality of the chocolate makes all the difference, so buy the best quality of white chocolate you can find.

White chocolate and orange recipe.

Bittersweet chocolate sauce recipe. This chocolate recipe can be poured warm over vanilla ice cream or profiteroles; it's lovely with poached pears, or try it on chocolate crepes.

Creamy chocolate sauce recipe. This very quick rich sauce is ideal for ice cream, steamed puddings and profiteroles.

Classic chocolate custard recipe. This is the classic chocolate custard for steamed puddings.

Glossy chocolate recipe. Glossy chocolate sauce and bittersweet chocolate sauce are wonderful recipes that make great variations for a chocolate fondue recipe.

Hot chocolate fudge sauce recipe.


Kid friendly recipes

Children's chocolate cup cakes recipe.

No bake easy chocolate biscuit cake. This chocolate recipe is the ultimate child recipe as the ingredients can be taken from whatever is in the cupboard.

Chocolate Krispies. A wonderfully simple kids' chocolate recipe concoction.

Chocolate chip cakes.

Chocolate surprise cones. Sprinkle nuts into a bowl and chop up the marshmallows or add the mini marshmallows.


Chocolate kid dessert recipes

Magic Chocolate Mud Pudding. Just imagine eating magic mud! This kid dessert sounds too good to be true for children!

Chocolate Blancmange. Ultimate nursery food, this kid dessert is made all the prettier if you have an attractively shaped bowl or mould in which to set the chocolate blancmange.

Chocolate Swiss Roll.


Chocolate dessert recipes

Chocolate truffle tart.

Chocolate dessert recipe for a rich classic Chocolate Brûlée.

Mocha velvet cream dessert recipe.

Chocolate sorbet dessert recipe. This is ideal for making a simple yet sophisticated dessert recipe.


Chocolate gateaux recipes

Black Forest Gateau. A flourless light as air recipe.

French chocolate mousse cake recipe. A rich chocolate dessert recipe, this is ideal for a dinner party gourmet dessert pudding.

Chocolate Tiramisu Tart. In this variation, the Italian chocolate dessert recipe tiramisu has been transformed into a gourmet tart.


Easy Tiramisu recipes

Basic easy Tiramisu recipe.

Essy Tirmisu recipe for a Tiramisu cheesecake

Tiramisu in chocolate cups for an after dinner dessert.


Chocolate mousse recipes

Classic chocolate mousse recipe. This recipe serves four.

Espresso mousse. Using the recipe above, replace the water or brandy with fresh, good quality espresso coffee.

A rich chocolate mousse with brandy sauce.


Chocolate cheesecake recipe

Simple baked chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Warmed chocolate mascarpone cheesecake.

Chocolate cheesecake tart.

Chilled hazelnut chocolate cheesecake.


Chocolate muffins

Chocolate crumble muffins.

Chocolate nut muffins.

Double chocolate muffins.

Chocolate recipe for blueberry muffins.


Chocolate chip muffin recipes

Basic easy - the classic chocolate chip muffin recipe.

Triple chocolate chip muffin.

White chocolate chip muffin with strawberries recipe.


Chocolate muffin recipes

Banana and chocolate muffin recipe.

Chocolate and cherry muffin recipe.


Chocolate brownie recipes

The following fudge brownie recipe is a simple and easy recipe with the classic chocolate fudge sauce.

Recipe to make fudge brownies with chocolate fudge sauce.

Nut and chocolate chip brownies.

White chocolate brownies with milk chocolate topping.

Double-fudge blondies, also known as blonde brownies, have a white chocolate cream cheese filling.


Low fat chocolate brownie recipe

Low fat brownie recipe made with banana, perhaps sprinkle walnuts on top.


Chocolate fondue recipes

Basic chocolate fondue recipe.

White chocolate fondue recipe - with a splash!


Chocolate cookie recipes

Basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Chocolate hunk cookie recipe.

Double chunk (with nuts) cookie recipe.

Double chocolate chunk cookie recipe.


Chocolate cookie recipes

Chocolate-dipped crescent biscuits - These are often made with almonds.



Chocolate biscotti recipes

Chocolate almond biscotti recipe.

Chocolate mocha hazlenut biscotti recipe.


Chocolate candy recipes

Plain dark chocolate candy truffles. Ingredients to make about 85 chocolate truffles.

Infuse this basic recipe with all sorts of flavourings including herbs and liqueurs.


Chocolate truffle recipes

Quick and easy chocolate truffles.

Creamy chocolate truffles.

Rum milk chocolate truffles recipe.

Ivory and cardamom and pistachio chocolate truffles recipe.

Easy chocolate and hazlenut truffle chocolates.


Chocolate marzipan candy recipes

Chocolate marzipan candies - basic recipe.

Ginger and hazlenut marzipan candies. A recipe to be creative with.


Chocolate ice cream recipes

Simple and easy chocolate ice cream recipe.

Homemade chocolate praline ice cream. If you want to make this basic, quick and simple recipe a bit more sophisticated, try this chocolate praline ice cream recipe.

Double chocolate ice cream.

Bitter chocolate and liqueur ice cream.

Luxury chocolate ice cream.


Chocolate fountain recipes


Hot chocolate drinks recipes

Simple hot chocolate.

French hot chocolate recipe.

Wine hot chocolate recipe.


Chocolate martini and cocktail recipes

Simple Chocolate Martini recipe.

Chocolate Martini.

Rich Chocolate Martini.

White Chocolate Martini.

Chocolate Martini.

Chocolate Martini Kiss.

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Death by Chocolate for real chocoholics.

Chocolate Tequilla Rose. The Tequila Rose used in this recipe gives the drink a pink colour.

A Chocolate Mocktail. Perfect for the designated driver who can't drink anything alcoholic.

Chocolate Orange Martini recipe. The mixture of chocolate and orange in this vodka martini is a tasty treat.

Chocolate Mint Stinger.

Chocolate Cheeky Monkey.

Creamy Chocolate.

Strawberry Chocolate Martini recipe.

Chocolate Socks.

Chocolate Between the Sheets.

Easy Chocolate Martini recipe.

Easy Chocolate Martini recipe.

Chocolate Bombe.


Chocolate wedding cakes

How to make a plain chocolate wedding cake with white chocolate icing and rich strawberry buttercream filling.

This white chocolate wedding cake recipe is an elegant three-tiered design with a rich gooey chocolate mousse filling covered in cream and masses of white chocolate curls.


Chocolate wedding cake recipes

Dark and mysterious - a glamorous rich chocolate wedding cake recipe.

A chocolate wedding cake recipe that is also ideal if yellow, or lemon, is the colour theme of your wedding, lovely too for a summer wedding. The cake is summery and creamy in colour by using white chocolate buttercream icing.


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